Riddell Speed Icon, SpeedFlex, and SpeedFlex Diamond helmets for players based in Western Australia or playing in Gridiron West. These helmets are custom ordered, shipped from the US and take 4-5 weeks to arrive. Deliveries can be picked up by contacting scott.smith@sppss.com.

Riddell SpeedFlex Diamonddetailed product information and size chart

Riddell SpeedFlexdetailed product information and size chart

Riddell Speed Icondetailed product information and size chart

See sppss.com for products and email scott.smith@sppss.com to order.

This product is supplied through South Pacific Pro Sports Supply independent of the Perth Broncos American Football Club Inc. By placing an order, you are accepting the terms and conditions of purchasing from SPPSS.

HELMET FITTING AND FEATURES. Click to see videos...


Do not use this helmet to butt, ram or spear an opposing player. This is in violation of the football rules and such use can result in severe head or neck injuries, paralysis or death to you and possible injury to your opponent. Contact in football may result in CONCUSSION-BRAIN INJURY which no helmet can prevent. Symptoms include: loss of consciousness or memory, dizziness, headache, nausea or confusion. If you have symptoms, immediately stop playing and report them to your coach, trainer and parents. Do not return to a game or practice until all symptoms are gone and you have received medical clearance. Ignoring this warning may lead to another and more serious or fatal brain injury.

1) Helmet must be properly fitted. See instructions.
2) Do not modify, change or alter helmet in any way.
3) Do not remove labels on helmet. See terms of limited warranty.
4) Helmet protection will be reduced seriously by some applied common substances without damage being visible to the user. It is recommended that user employ only factory authorized paints, cleaners, waxes, adhesives, guards and attachments as instructed.

The warranty on helmet shells is five (5) years for polycarbonate (Varsity) helmets and three (3) years for ABS (Youth) helmets from the original date of purchase, provided there has been normal use and proper maintenance. It is recommended that your helmet be reconditioned every year by a Riddell Factory Authorized Reconditioner. Proper maintenance requires reconditioning of your helmet at least every two (2) years by NOCSAE Licensed Reconditioner using only new factory replacement liners in the reconditioning process. Evidence of any of the following conditions will operate to void this warranty:

1) Failure to have the helmet reconditioned at least every two (2) years by a NOCSAE Licensed Reconditioner.
2) Installation of non-OEM parts whenever a liner replacement is necessary.
3) Where shells have been damaged by a chemical reaction from the use of incompatible materials such as:
a. Attachment of a guard, face mask or component of another manufacturer or mismated material.
b. Use of cleaners, waxes or paints of another manufacturer or failure to follow recommended cleaning an painting instructions.