KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 years to participate in community sport by offering them financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards club fees. All Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 with a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card are eligible to apply.

If you are eligible, you should apply for KidSport now, even if you haven’t decided if you are going to play

STEP ONE: $150 off – apply to KidSport online

  1. Go to the KidSport Application online form
  2. Fill in your details and submit the form
  3. Wait for KidSport to process your application and email you with a KidSport Voucher Code


STEP 2: An extra $50 off – apply to the City of Bayswater (if you are eligible)

  1. Go to the City of Bayswater KidSport Top-Up form online
  2. Complete the form and print or save a copy
    Visit the Maylands, Bayswater or Morley library if you need help printing your form


STEP 3: Submit your KidSport Voucher code, and your City of Bayswater Top-Up form (if you are eligible) to the Perth Broncos Treasurer

  1. If you are submitting a City of Bayswater Top-Up form, you will need to save or make a digital copy of your completed and signed form. If you use your phone to submit the form on this page, you can take a picture using your phone camera when you click on Choose file
  2. You can either email your voucher code and form to or submit using the form on this page


STEP 4: Pay your Perth Broncos Player’s fees online using your discount code

  1. Wait for to email you back with your discount code for this website
  2. Go to the Perth Broncos Membership Application page and use your discount code when filling in the form and paying your fees


Your KidSport discount can only be applied for BEFORE you pay your Perth Broncos fees